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TrustonTap was founded in 2015 following direct, personal and professional experience of the difficulties people across the UK face when seeking care for their loved ones.

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“Whilst looking for care for my elderly mother we were left disappointed by what was available and were inspired to set up TrustonTap to change this. We wanted to improve the quality and value of care for people in a similar position and are now spreading this service across the region. Our approach can make a real difference, ensuring that carers can be better rewarded whilst also making the cost of care more affordable for older people and their families. We like to feel that our approach is transforming the way we look after older people in our communities.”

Antonia Cotton, Director

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Whatever your situation, you’re not alone. Explore our advice and support archive for helpful insights and guidance.

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Safety in the home

Equipment and Adaptations to help you live safely at home

There are a wide range of devices and equipment that can help you to live safely and securely at home.

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power of attorney trustontap
Financial Help & Support

Powers of Attorney, Wills & Financial planning

Designed to control what happens to you should you have an illness or an accident and be unable to make your own decisions.

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home care planning
Home care Planning

Talking about care: How to persuade elderly parents or vulnerable adults to accept care

Starting the conversation about care is never easy. Decisions about when to do it, how to do it and who to involve often make us put the conversation off, even when we know it is only going to get harder.

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