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Care for the culmination of a life .

End of life care can help people stay as comfortable as possible during the challenges that confront us all towards the end of our lives. It provides the dying with dignity, enabling them to live out their days in the familiar surrounds of their own home, among the people they love.

A TrustonTap Carer providing End of Life support can help meet a range of needs.

  • Palliative care
  • Domestic assistance and help with household tasks
  • Personal care
  • Meals and nutrition
  • Maintenance of medication schedules
  • Genuine companionship and emotional support


Who is End of Life Care suitable for?

End of life care is recommended for families with someone who has been diagnosed with a terminal condition, and who may require both physical and emotional support. It is also a practical solution to help families better navigate the dying days of their loved ones, providing peace of mind and respite in a supremely challenging time.

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How End of Life Care with TrustonTap works.

TrustonTap’s carers understand the requirements and best practices of person-centred, end of life care, and uphold the Five Priorities of Care outlined by the NHS.

  • The importance of the care recipient being seen regularly by a doctor, and their requirement to inform you if they believe death is imminent.
  • The need for sensitivity and honesty in the conduct of your care.
  • The importance of inclusion in the decision-making process about how you are to be cared for, if so desired.
  • The importance of meeting, as far as possible, the needs of you and your family.
  • Agreeing upon an individual plan of care, and delivering it with compassion.

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