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Dementia Care

What are the early signs of dementia?

The NHS estimates that around 850,000 people in our country have dementia, and the people most at risk are those 65 years and older. This debilitating and often devastating condition can leave family members at a loss for what to do, even though dementia often develops slowly over time.

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Financial Help & Support

What is the true cost of care?

Many factors influence the cost of care, primarily the type of care that is required from hourly care to the most costly option, a care home.

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12 Dementia care tips from experienced carers

Practical and helpful advice from experienced carers. What are the best bits of advice they wish they had known earlier.

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Home care Planning

What is the difference between live-in and hourly care?

Understanding the different care options out there can be confusing if you want to stay in your own home and not go into a care home.

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Dementia patients ‘should be given a named GP’, new study finds.

A new study has outlined the health benefits of seeing the same GP, consistency can really help.

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Health & Wellbeing

What are the biggest challenges facing the elderly?

The elderly are not only concerned about their increasing frailty but often it's their whole well-being that is worrying.

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