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Reliable friendship for a longer, healthier life.

One of the challenges that many experience in later years is loneliness but this can also affect many vulnerable adults or those suffering with depression. Feeling alone can have significant detrimental effects on the mental well-being of anyone of any age. Whether you need a friendly face around for just a few hours a week or as a permanent live-in, TrustonTap will seek to match you with a carer suitable for you.

A TrustonTap Companionship Carer can help meet a range of needs.

  • Engaged conversation and activities, a regular friendly face can make all the difference to someone’s day.
  • Company on your walks or daily routine
  • Assistance with tasks like shopping and errands
  • Meals and nutrition. Mealtimes can be especially lonely. Our carers can make mealtimes more enjoyable. Having someone prepare your meals can transform your enjoyment of food.
  • Hourly or live-in companionship
  • Getting out into the community, taking up new or old hobbies.


Who is Companionship Care suitable for?

Companionship care is recommended for anyone who may be isolated due to age, geography, circumstance or mental health issues, and who may feel lonely as a result. Regular conversation and engagement have been proven to have beneficial impacts on an individual’s health and well-being, and can even help against the risks of developing dementia.

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How Companionship Care with TrustonTap works.

If you feel you are in need of companionship, TrustonTap can help connect you with a suitable carer near you that can provide you with regular conversation and help with general tasks.

Whether it be general help in and around the home, help with cooking and shopping, running small errands or just a chat, TrustonTap’s team of compassionate, trusted carers can assist with a friendly face, and an authentic interest in the story of your life.

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