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Your questions answered about TrustonTap’s quality, affordable care.

What is TrustonTap?

TrustonTap is a digital homecare business that enables older people to live independently in their homes with all the services they need on tap. We provide trusted and affordable care and support by matching you or your loved ones with a handpicked TapTeam personal assistant near you, removing the complexity and reducing the cost of arranging home care.

How does TrustonTap work?

If you tell us where you live and what help you need, we will match you with our trusted team of TapTeam carers in your area. You can review each of the team by experience, interests, location and profile and choose an individual that suits your needs and your budget.

If this is your first time booking through TrustonTap, you will need to answer a few quick registration questions. We will then help you to identify the most suitable carer(s) to meet your needs and put you in touch with one another to arrange an introductory meeting.

What happens if my plans change?

We recognise that your care needs may change and that you need the flexibility of being able to change your arrangements. This needs to be balanced with the need of your carer(s) to be able to manage their workloads and to ensure that they are able to support you when required.

For small changes in hours and days, our TapTeam carers will try to accommodate your needs. However, for cancellations with less than 48 hours notice you will be charged the appropriate care costs. For a number of engagements with individual carers, longer notice periods apply and will be specified on your booking.

What is different about TrustonTap?

TrustonTap uses the latest technology to remove many of the traditional agency costs, saving you money and ensuring that all our TapTeam carers are better rewarded.

Typical costs to you for hiring TapTeam carers are £14 to £19 per hour compared with costs of £20 to £25 per hour for carers and support workers from traditional domiciliary care agencies.

All of our TapTeam carers are self-employed and set their own charge-out rates. They decide their own schedules and we leave it to them to control the delivery of their support to you in the way that they believe is best. We believe that this gives you a more dedicated, personal service with the consistency of one trusted individual who is able to meet your needs on a reliable and regular basis.

At the same time, we have designed TrustonTap to be simple and convenient for you or your family to use. We’ve made it easy for you to choose the right TapTeam carer with the right skills at the right price to come and give you some help. Plus, all payments are transparent through our secure cashless payment system.

Why are there no TrustonTap carers in my area?

We are still a young company and are only able to support customers in certain parts of the country at the present time. However, we are seeking to expand and are always interested in hearing from individuals who would like to join our team.

What will my TapTeam personal assistant be paid?

At TrustonTap, we believe in enlisting highly capable carers to support you and ensuring that they are fairly rewarded. All TapTeam carers are self-employed and set their own rates of pay according to their experience and skills, taking into account that they need to cover their own travel costs and expenses.

Throughout the course of any contracts with you, you pay the TapTeam carer the rate on their profile. For the services we provide to the TapTeam carer s, we charge and subsequently deduct a commission of 18% plus VAT. This covers our introduction, insurance, promotion and payment services.

Our use of technology at TrustonTap ensures that we have removed many of the traditional agency costs saving you money and ensuring that all our TapTeam carers are much better rewarded than those individuals employed by agencies.

How do payments work?

We have tried to make it as easy as possible for you to pay for the support you receive, and have developed a secure online payment process that ensures we are protecting both you and the TapTeam carers that are supporting you.

In most instances, we agree how many hours per week you require care for and we set up a booking between you and your carer(s) that reflects this.

Each week, your carer completes a timesheet in relation to the booking, and we send you an invoice, depending on how many hours care had been provided to you in the previous weekly period. We then deduct payment by Direct Debit before transferring to the account of the TapTeam carer. This ensures that you are only charged for the number of hours you have actually received each week, and you are not charged more than the maximum hours you have specified.

Am I able to meet my selected TapTeam assistant before committing?

Yes. We recognise that it is helpful to meet a TapTeam carer in advance of agreeing to an engagement.. Where this cannot be easily arranged in person, we encourage you to arrange a video call (e.g. via Skype) with your recommended carer

Almost all of our carers will conduct an introductory visit free of charge and this can be arranged by telephone or email. If you are happy with them when they visit you, you can then confirm to us and we can proceed with your booking.

Feel free to ring us and we can assist you should you have any difficulty.

How much time do I book?

You can book as little as four hours per week or as much as you like. For convenience, we encourage you to make the booking for the maximum number of hours you are likely to need and then separately arrange the precise times with your TapTeam Personal assistant. We will ensure you are only charged for the number of hours you have actually received each week, and you are not charged more than the maximum hours you have specified.

What terms apply to my booking?

Should you agree to proceed with a booking for a particular carer, you agree to the Carer/ Client Agreement which comes into effect between you and the TapTeam carer.

This Agreement governs the nature of your contractual arrangement with the TapTeam carer and is a standard agreement that applies for all your engagements via TrustonTap. (As TapTeam carer are self-employed contractors, it is not compulsory for them to use this agreement. They will let you know if they wish to use a different agreement in advance of any booking).

In addition to the Carer/ Client agreement, your assignments are governed by the Client Terms and your TapTeam carer are governed by the TapTeam Assistant Terms they agreed when they were selected as TapTeam members.

Once payment details have been taken, we send both you and the TapTeam carer a summary of what you have booked.

Who arranges insurance?

We have arranged public liability insurance with £5m coverage underwritten by a leading insurance underwriter. In addition, many of our TapTeam carers have their own personal liability insurance. For TapTeam members who offer Transportation in their own cars, we insist that they are fully insured to protect you if anything happens. Safety and security of you and of our TapTeam carers is of paramount importance to us.

When I am ready to enlist a TapTeam carers can I pay them directly?

It is not possible for you to pay our carers directly, but payment via the TrustonTap site has been designed to be very simple and straightforward. All payments are made via our secure online payment system in a process designed to protect both you and the TapTeam carers.

Any direct cash payments that are made or requested would breach the terms and conditions we have with each of the carers would endanger their ability to secure further work and would invalidate the insurance cover.

As detailed in the Client Terms that govern TrustonTap’s relationship with you, a Placement fee would be charged to you if you were to agree on any direct engagement with a TrustonTap carer that we have introduced you to. Please ring us if you wish to discuss this further.

What happens should my carer go on holiday or falls ill?

We know the importance of continuity of care and our carer will try to provide you with as much continuity as possible. However, there are times when they may be ill or away, and you may need someone to cover during their absence.

This can usually be arranged via the TrustonTap customer services team who will recommend the most suitable carers in your area.

What is your recruitment process?

Recruiting the very best carers is a key priority for us and we put considerable effort into our selection process. We select our brilliant team of trusted local people with the confidence that they can come to your home and deliver an exceptional service to you. In fact, one of our key criteria is that we would be happy to recommend them to our own relatives.

We carefully screen and interview all our trusted carers via a multi-stage recruitment process to ensure that all TapTeam members on the TrustonTap site are competent, compassionate, kind, honest and reliable. Everyone is fully vetted and DBS background checkedPlus, we obtain two references on all TapTeam Assistants that we take on, to ensure the good character of the people who will be supporting you. Over the last 3 years, we have taken on less than 5% of carers that have applied to us.

To support the quality of care that is provided to you, we encourage our carers to maintain their professional development and provide a number of written and video training materials via their bespoke carer portals. We insist that all our carers complete face to face annual refresher training in Safeguarding, Manual Handling and First Aid.

Can I take on several carers s at the same time?

Yes, you can have several contracts running at the same time. It may be that you would like to have one carer to assist you with general home help on certain mornings, but would like a different carer to come round on different days to take you out to the shops.

Our carers have different backgrounds, different skills and different availabilities, and we have designed the TrustonTap system to accommodate your preferences and to allow you to have parallel contracts with a number of them.

Each of our carers sets their own rate of pay according to their skills and experience. A few of them have higher rates for weekends and bank holidays. Should you agree with them that they would work on major holidays (Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Year’s Day or Easter Sunday), the carer will typically charge 50% higher than their hourly rate on these days. All rates of pay are shown clearly on your booking confirmation.

Will TrustonTap recommend a carer to me?

We are always happy to help and keen to assist you in choosing the most suitable carer, whether it is for a short term assignment or a longer contract. In the end, it is up to you to make the final decision. Whatever your choice, TrustonTap customer services will always be there to support you.

Who do I talk to if I am not happy?

If you are not happy with your arrangement, we would encourage you to tell your carer what you are unhappy about. In most instances, your feedback will ensure that their service to you can be modified so that you are satisfied with future service.

However, in certain circumstances, it may be better to talk to us. Please let us know immediately if we can help and if you have concerns over any of the carers. If you believe your career has breached their contract with you, we will review the evidence and reimburse you if appropriate. At the same time, we will review any evidence presented to us by a carer who has reason to believe that you have breached your contract with them.

All our carers have agreed to comply with the TrustonTap Code of Conduct. This code is modelled on the Code of Conduct for Healthcare and Adult Social Care workers in England. The code is designed to give you the confidence that you will be treated with dignity, respect and compassion at all times. We treat allegations of breaches of that code very seriously.

We recognise that your plans may change and that you may wish to adjust your level of support from TrustonTap or to select a new carer. Feel free to visit the site to see who else is available or ring us on 0808 2781112.

How have you checked that all the carers are trustworthy?

We know how important it is to have people you can really trust. That’s why we strive to always go the extra mile in ensuring you can be confident in the carers that you take on.

We put considerable efforts into hand-picking the very best carers to be available to you. We only list those individuals who we would be happy to recommend to our own relatives, and have established a very thorough vetting procedure to ensure that all of them can be trusted.

In addition to the usual application forms and telephone interviews, we also conduct thorough individual interviews and ensure that everyone is fully vetted and DBS checked. We only engage with assistants who we believe to be competent, compassionate, kind, honest and reliable, and insist that all carers agree to comply with the TrustonTap Code of Conduct.

Is TrustonTap registered with the Care Quality Commission?

Although some TapTeam carers conduct personal care, TrustonTap is defined as an introductory agency by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) and is not required to register.

As a result of this, we are unable to make changes to a care plan, to recommend the increased frequency of visits or to take responsibility for replacing a care worker for personal care assignments. We are also unable to direct changes to the activity of the carer in relation to Personal Care & Hygiene work. All TrustonTap carers are self-employed and are therefore not required to be registered with CQC.

What is the TrustonTap Quality Professional Carer (QPC) accreditation?

Although regulatory agencies are currently unregulated by CQC, TrustonTap uphold carer quality standards by agreement with regional authorities and will only list carers on our platform who meet the TrustonTap Qualified Professional Carer (QPC) standard.

Establishing this benchmark ensures that carers offered to clients in the region conform to the following standards:

  • Acceptance and understanding of the TrustonTap Code of Conduct
  • Agreement to TrustonTap Carer Assistant Terms and Conditions 
  • Identity checks and confirmation of their right to work in the UK
  • Enhanced DBS
  • Training certificates checked and recorded
  • Annual refresher training in Moving & Handling, First Aid and Safeguarding
  • Confirmation of HRMC tax reference number
  • Support by 2 references


Furthermore, TrustonTap carers are supported by a bespoke personal training portal through which they have access to over 30 training manuals and videos to support their professional development.

Am I the employer of the carer that I have a contract with?

No. We require in our terms and conditions that all carers are self-employed. As self-employed individuals, each carer determines his or her hourly rates, terms of engagement, bookings, schedules, responsibility for the delivery of tasks, transportation, training, holidays and tax affairs

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