Hourly carers

Affordable hourly care at home, as and when it’s needed.

Where do you need care?

Targeted support by quality carers.

Sometimes we all need a little help. For some, just a few hours assistance a week with the basics can make all the difference for individuals who wish to remain independent and enjoy a rich, fulfilling life.

A TrustonTap hourly carer can help with a range of general support tasks and activities, including:

  • Food and meal preparation
  • Personal care and hygiene
  • Transport to the shops or medical appointment and general errands
  • Paperwork, housekeeping and general administration tasks
  • Gardening and help around the house
  • Regular companionship


Who is hourly care suitable for?

Hourly care is an ideal solution for those who just need a bit of occasional help about the home or with general tasks. It can provide care recipients with an opportunity to worry less, maintain healthy eating, develop good exercise habits, and retain their sense of independence.

How hourly care with TrustonTap can work for you.

At TrustonTap all calls are a minimum one hour, ensuring visits are not rushed. Our carers specify their hourly rates, which are clearly stated on their Carer profiles, mostly ranging from £14 per hour to £19 per hour.

We suggest suitable carers near you who can provide you with the right type of care at the times you require. You are free to meet and approve the carers we recommend to you before booking them or making any commitment. Should your main carer be on holidays, additional carers can be booked.

All carers are fully vetted before they are listed with TrustonTap, and we take less than 5% of those who apply to join. There are no long contracts for care with TrustonTap, and notice periods for cancellation can be very short.

Our Terms of Use for Clients set out the terms on which we supply our services to anyone seeking carers and can be viewed in full here.

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Getting started with your hourly home care

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Advice & Support

Whatever your situation, you’re not alone. Explore our advice and support archive for helpful insights and guidance.

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What you can expect from your carer

TrustonTap insists that all our carers deliver service and support to you to a very high standard.

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Home care Planning

What is a care plan?

A Care Plan is a key tool for people receiving care and support. It helps to clearly identify what care is needed and who is going to provide this care.

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Financial Help & Support

Paying for your Own Care

The cost of domiciliary care in your own home can be expensive if you are funding it entirely yourself. While organisations like TrustonTap will work hard to keep the costs to you as low as possible, you are well-advised to seek professional advice if you are entering into any form of long-term commitment.

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