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Personalised service for specialised needs

At TrustonTap, we list only those carers with the values and compassion to look after others with the dignity they deserve. We will always strive to match you with the most suitable carer in respects to your location, needs and budget.

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Personal Care

Get help with washing, dressing, hygiene, diet and physical assistance needs.

Dementia Care

Get support with daily activities and maintaining a safe home environment.

Alzheimer's Care

Access compassionate, consistent care and support.

Respite Care

Give your primary caregiver a break with specialised respite care.

End of life care

Receive emotional and palliative support to maintain comfort and manage pain.

Cancer care

Be provided with essential comfort and support to enhance your quality of living.

Companionship care

Because everyone needs a hand now and then, and a friendly face to talk to.


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Advice & Support

Whatever your situation, you’re not alone. Explore our advice and support archive for helpful insights and guidance.

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Help with Incontinence

Problems with continence affect people of all ages and from all social backgrounds but are particularly prevalent amongst older people.

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Supporting someone at the end of their life

End of life is a really difficult subject but is an important part of the care and support we offer to our relatives and friends.

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