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Temporary, emergency and holiday respite carers to help bridge the gap.
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As rewarding as caring for others can be, there are times when primary caregivers need the opportunity to recharge and take care of themselves.


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respite carers

Keep the balance with respite care.

Respite care is where a qualified carer steps in to provide people with the care and support they need, while allowing caregivers the time and space for a break.

A TrustonTap Carer providing Respite Care support can help meet a range of needs, including:

  • Temporary care that lets caregivers fulfil other life obligations
  • Holiday care cover in the event of a carer’s holiday
  • Hourly, overnight care or live-in care– from a few hours to several weeks
  • Emergency care when existing carers are unavailable
  • Peace of mind for family members who provide support
  • Assistance with everyday tasks and general companionship

Who is respite care suitable for?

Respite care is recommended for people providing care to family or loved ones, and who need a break. It is a simple, effective way to reduce the stress that care can cause, for a better overall quality of care and stronger relationships.

respite home carers

Where do you need care?

How Respite Care with TrustonTap works

Getting to know the established care routine is of paramount importance to our carers, who will spend the time required with you to understand the activities and tasks they are to help with, while the primary carer or family caregiver takes some time off.

Depending on individual needs, our trusted and experienced home carers can visit whenever respite care is required, ensuring the care recipient feels secure, comfortable and well looked after during the required respite period.

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Getting started with Respite care


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Whatever your situation, you’re not alone. Explore our advice and support archive for helpful insights and guidance.

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What financial support is available from the NHS to fund care at home?

Navigating the best way in which you or your loved one can get help from the NHS can be a bit daunting but your GP and your local Integrated Care Board (ICB) should be able to help.

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Financial Help & Support

Can I receive financial support for home care?

Depending on your means, your local council might pay for some or all the costs. There is a wide range of benefits available to those in need of home care.

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