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Live-in care provides full-time care and support from a dedicated carer who lives with you in your own home, who understands your specific needs and routines however complex they may be.


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live in care

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What is Live-In Care?

Live-In care or ’24 hour care’ is a type of home care service. A professionally trained carer lives with you in your own home to provide constant care whenever you need it. Live-in care is a wonderful, welcome alternative to residential care. No upheaval, no disruption and allows you to be independent, stay close to friends, keep pets and maintain all your hobbies.

Most elderly and disabled people would prefer to be cared for in their own home than have to move to a residential care home. Live-in care can provide 24/7, around-the-clock care at home with a care program tailored to your needs or the needs of your loved ones. We understand everyone’s care needs are different depending on the wishes of the person receiving care and our review of your requirements.

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Who is live-in care suitable for?

Live-in care is the ideal solution for those who may be needing support with a range of everyday tasks such as personal care, cooking, cleaning, and general companionship, allowing them the opportunity to continue living as they choose, in the safety and comfort of their own home.

A change in circumstances or health may mean that you or your loved one no longer feel safe or happy on your own. Some people are able to remain safely and happily at home with visiting care coming for a few hours a week or day. For some people, live-in care may be a short-term solution to meet an increase in care needs due to illness or post a hospital discharge. For others, it may be a long-term solution as their care needs change or they no longer want to live on their own.

As we age, we may start to experience general frailty which becomes increasingly problematic and prevents us from doing certain daily activities. Increased vulnerability due to frailty, can have an enormous effect on someone who is living at home and struggling to cope. Live-in care can support someone to maintain independence and is a great comfort for families who cannot always be available to help.

Why live-in care

How live-in care can work for you.

Live-In care with TrustonTap can be a more effective alternative to a care home, allowing your loved one to stay safe, healthy and independent in their own home. It provides a dedicated, private service with the consistency of one trusted carer who is able to meet your care needs at all times.

Whether it’s for live-in companionship or more complex care for those with advanced care needs, many of our live-in carer professionals are experienced to assist with a range of conditions such as Physical and Mental Disability, Dementia, Parkinson’s, MS or Palliative Care.

Live-in carers move into a spare room within your dwelling and are there to assist with everything compassionately, professionally, and attentively.

B supports my mum from 11:30 - 13:30 three times a week, to cook a hot meal mid day & prepare a sandwich for her tea. This is the second week and mum has taken to B immediately. From the conversations I have had with B, I feel confident that any suggestions would be met positively and that B would feel comfortable feeding any necessary information back to me regarding mums care.


How to get started with Live-in care

We will show you a selection of carers and help you find one that meets your care needs and matches your personal requirements. We understand that this match must be just right for your loved one. Only the most dedicated carers are taken on by us. Less than 5% of applicants pass our strict application, referencing and training process.

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Frequently asked questions about live-in care

How much does live-in care cost?

As Live-in care is a personalised service the rate can vary in certain circumstances, but typically the Standard Live-in care package is from £1,095 a week. This will vary according to the skills and experience of the carer. Costs will be higher for the care of couples or for complex care engagements. This can be discussed with you in your initial conversation with the Live-in Care expert team.

Unless otherwise agreed, carers’ costs are inclusive of travel to and from you at the start and end of the assignment. Their pro-rata rate is payable for days of arrival and departure.

Additional fees and services are limited and the family can help by giving the carer time off now and again reducing weekly or annual costs. The only additional costs are a food budget (typically £30/week) and travel allowance. You may need to make some modifications to your property. See How to make your home safer.

How do I find the right live-in carer for me?

We make it simple. You will talk through your family’s situation with one of our expert Live-in Care advisers. They will ask you a number of questions about the care you need and then match you with the most suitable available carer. The recommended carers are based on your loved one’s individual needs and personality and you are able to review their profiles and their introductory video. we make recommendations as to who may be able to help you or your loved one. You only need to review their profiles, choose your preferred carer, and make contact with them to arrange an introductory phone or video call.

Do I pay any upfront fees for a Live-in Carer?

No. Payment is weekly in arrears once the booking has started and, throughout the course of any contracts you have with your carer and payment services are managed on their behalf.

Can I get help with funding care?

If the person receiving care has assets of less than £23,250, they may be eligible for support from their local authority for funding with live-in care.

Do I employ the Live-in Carer?

All our Live-in Carers, whether provided directly by us or by our partners across the UK, are self-employed.

Will my Live-in Carer cook for me?

Depending on the nature of your requirements and care agreement, your live-in carer will shop for food and prepare nourishing meals for you.

The cost of meals for the carer (or any other type of benefit in kind) is not deductible from the invoiced cost of providing the services.

How many days and nights will my Live-in Carer work?

A Live-in Carer resides in your home and is there to assist as required by the terms you discuss and agree prior to the booking starting.

Although the Carer lives in your home, they are not expected to care 24 hours a day. On average, a Live-in Carer may typically work 8-10 hours a day/ 7 days a week. You should discuss the required role and tasks with your carer when they begin the assignment. If you believe that their average daily hours will be longer than this, you should make this clear.

Each Live in Carer requires a formal break of 2 hours each day. This time should be taken during daylight hours. It may be agreed that some of these hours may be banked to provide longer periods of time off on a day that suits you and them

If you need Hourly Care while your Live-in Carer is off, TrustonTap will be happy to assist.

Will they drive? Do they have their own cars?

Many of our Live-in Carers are drivers and will be happy to drive you wherever you need to go. If you wish your Carer to use your car, you will be responsible for checking that they have a valid driving licence and that it meets your own insurance company’s policy and criteria.

Any expenses as a result of driving will be charged on a weekly basis.

What are the domestic expectations for a Live-in Carer?

A separate bedroom should be provided for Live-in Carers. This room is for the carers use only and will be regarded as their personal space.

As your Live-in Carer may spend their breaks and downtime in their room; it is nice for them to have furnishings such as a comfortable bed, bedside table, chest of drawers, wardrobe, an armchair, desk and television where possible. In almost all cases, wifi connection is essential.

It is the responsibility of the Customer to provide ample food; clean bedding must be supplied for live-in carers, as well as adequate cleaning materials to carry out cleaning properly.

Carers should not use the customer’s telephones (whether landlines or mobile) other than on the customer’s behalf.

Live-in carers are not allowed to smoke or drink alcohol in the Customer’s home.

They are not permitted to accept gifts from Customers over the value of £10.00 and they are not allowed to lend money to or borrow money from any Customer.

What are the cancellation fees if my live-in care needs change?

We recognise that you may need to cancel your Live-in support arrangements and encourage you to make this clear as soon as you are able

Notice periods are bespoke to each carer engagement and will be agreed upfront with any booking. If you cancel the booking after the TapTeam Live-in carer’s assignment has begun, you should pay no cancellation fee as long as you are able to give 14 days’ notice.

Does Live-In care save money compared to a care home?

The cost of Live-In care may seem expensive but compared with a care home it is probably more economic. With live-in care, property is excluded from the means test. A big advantage of live-in care is that it gives people a better chance of keeping the family home, as the local authority financial assessment excludes your loved one’s property (as they’re still living in it). You can stay a home and will not be forced to sell you property so the property may increase in value.


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