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Great quality care, with affordable rates for you and fair rates for carers
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Good carers need to be paid fairly so they are genuinely motivated to provide brilliant care.


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cost of care

Quality care for 30% less than most traditional agencies

  • The cost to a family (or local authority) is around 30% less than most agencies.
  • Prices start at £17/hour – £25/hour, depending on your care needs and carer experience. Our average cost of care is £20/hour compared to £30/hour through many domiciliary care agencies.
  • Our TrustonTap carers earn 40% more than carers with traditional agencies,  as we deduct significantly less for our fees.
  • Motivated, well-paid carers deliver better quality care, and we genuinely want to make a difference.
  • We do not charge a call-out fee per visit to cover travel expenses, it’s all included.
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Motivated to care

Self-employed carers, motivated to care

They set their own rates, making them more motivated to provide the highest standard of care.

TOT Empathy

Flat rate, regardless of location or needs

Prices do not depend on your location and specific care needs.

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Fair Prices

We want to make care as affordable to you as possible, whilst also ensuring that our carers are paid fairly for the wonderful support they provide.

Do you charge more on weekends and bank holidays?

We let you know if your carers rates are higher at weekends or on bank holidays. Most carers will typically charge 50% higher than their hourly rate on bank holidays. All rates of pay are shown clearly on your booking confirmation.

Can I pay my carer directly?

It is not possible for you to pay our carers directly, but payment via the TrustonTap site has been designed to be very simple and straightforward. All payments are made via our secure online payment system in a process designed to protect both you and the TrustonTap carers.

What are the rates for overnight care?

Our overnight rates tend to be from £125 per night for a Sleeping Night and £165 per night for a Waking Night service but may vary depending on carer and circumstances. Our customer service team will be able to talk you through the options.

How much does overnight care cost

What are the rates for live-in care?

Typically the standard Live-in carer rates are from £200 for 24 hours or from £1,200 a week. This will vary according to the skills and experience of the carer and will depend on how long you want the care for.

Unless otherwise agreed, the cost of care is inclusive of travel to and from you at the start and end of the assignment. Their pro-rata rate is payable for days of arrival and departure.

Each Live in carer working more than a few days requires a formal break of 2-3 hours each day. This time should be taken during daylight hours. It may be agreed that some of these hours may be banked to provide longer periods of time off on a day that suits you and them.

A separate bedroom should be provided for live-in carers. This room is for the carer’s use only and will be regarded as their personal space. You should also provide food (or a food allowance) for your Live-in carer while they are with you.


Are there additional fees?

All carer rates are inclusive of travel to and from the care recipient, unless otherwise agreed. In addition to the Care costs , there is a TrustonTap Client administration fee of 5% plus VAT. Additional fees can be incurred for short-term bookings, for late payment or for early cancellation of bookings.

What happens if I need to cancel?

We recognise that your care needs may change and that you need the flexibility of being able to change your arrangements. This needs to be balanced with the need of your carer(s) to be able to manage their workloads and to ensure that they are able to support you when required.

For small changes in hours and days, our carers will try to accommodate your needs. However, for cancellations with less than 48 hours’ notice, you will be charged the appropriate care costs.

Our standard notice period is 2 weeks and is detailed in your terms of Booking. Should you wish to cancel within the first 6 weeks an early cancellation fee will be charged.

For anyone that wishes to book for a shorter period than 6 weeks, we can arrange a Short-Term booking, in which we will ask you to commit to the amount of care you want. Full details of Short-Term bookings can be provided by our customer services team.

How does it work with getting financial support from the NHS?

We provide support to those who pay their own care costs, as well as to care recipients receiving direct payments from NHS or Social Services.

Read more about “Getting financial help from the NHS”

financial help & support
home carers trustontap

How much does it cost to have a home carer?

The amount you pay for care at home or home care will largely depend on the level of care you need, the type of provider you choose, and often where you live in the country. 

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Financial Help & Support

What financial support is available from the NHS to fund care at home?

Navigating the best way in which you or your loved one can get help from the NHS can be a bit daunting but your GP and your local Integrated Care Board (ICB) should be able to help.

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