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Connect with qualified hourly, overnight or live-in carers for around 30% less than traditional agencies.

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TrustonTap was founded to provide people with better access to quality, affordable home care in their local area. Thanks to our unique philosophy and approach, our carers are better paid than the average, resulting in a higher quality service – at a lower overall cost to you.

How our home care costs compare.



  • All hourly fees are transparent and clearly stated on each carer’s profile.
  • With TrustonTap, our carers fees start from just £13 an hour. For someone requiring 5 hours of care a week, this could be a saving of over £2000 a year.
  • Our carers earn a minimum of £10 an hour – and some earn significantly more, depending on their skills and experience. Unlike agency workers, they receive almost 80% of what you pay, allowing us to be more selective in who we engage with, for a better-quality service to you.

Traditional Care Agencies:


  • Care Recipients have little or no insight into what their carers actually earn for their hard work.
  • Traditional agency fees are on average £22 per hour.
  • Carers in traditional agencies are typically paid just £8.00 to £9.00 an hour, and tend to receive less than 40% of what you actually pay in fees.
Empowered carers, empowering you.

All our carers are self-employed and set their own rates, making them more motivated to provide the highest standard of care.

Overnight care rates.

Our overnight rates tend to be £120 per night for a Sleeping Night and £150 per night for a Waking Night service but may vary depending on carer and circumstances.

Live-in care rates.

The live-in care Standard package is £849 per week but  this may vary according to the experience and skills of the carer. Costs will be higher for care of couples or for complex care.

Are there additional fees?

All our rates are inclusive of travel to and from the care recipient, and of our commission (18% & VAT).

Weekend and Bank holiday rates.

We will let you know if your carers rates are higher at weekends or on bank holidays. If you require care on major holidays (Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Year’s Day or Easter Sunday), the carer will typically charge 50% higher than their hourly rate on these days. All rates of pay are shown clearly on your booking confirmation.


We recognise that your care needs may change and that you need the flexibility of being able to change your arrangements. This needs to be balanced with the need of your carer(s) to be able to manage their workloads and to ensure that they are able to support you when required.
For small changes in hours and days, our TapTeam carers will try to accommodate your needs. However, for cancellations with less than 48 hours’ notice, you will be charged the appropriate care costs. For a number of engagements with individual carers, longer notice periods apply and will be specified on your booking.

NHS and Social Services.

We provide support to those who pay their own care costs, as well as to care recipients receiving direct payments from NHS or Social Services.

Can I pay my carer directly?

It is not possible for you to pay our carers directly, but payment via the TrustonTap site has been designed to be very simple and straightforward. All payments are made via our secure online payment system in a process designed to protect both you and the TrustonTap carers.

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Whatever your situation, you’re not alone. Explore our advice and support archive for helpful insights and guidance.

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What financial help can I get?

It can all be a bit overwhelming but there are several really helpful websites that will help you identify benefits that you may be missing or costs that can be cut.

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Paying for your Own Care

The cost of domiciliary care in your own home can be expensive if you are funding it entirely yourself. While organisations like TrustonTap will work hard to keep the costs to you as low as possible, you are well-advised to seek professional advice if you are entering into any form of long-term commitment.

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