Our home care services

Your choice of carer, your choice of care.

Hourly care

Flexible, hourly carers to assist with your general support needs, from food and meals to transport and personal care.

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Overnight care

Quality evening, overnight and morning hours care for enhanced support and peace of mind.

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Trusted, professional carers providing round the clock live-in support or respite care, for maximum well-being and comfort.

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Quality care in the comfort of your own home.

Domiciliary care – commonly referred to as home care – is the provision of professional care in the home.

Care is usually provided for several hours each day with the aim of keeping the frail- or those living with a disability-healthy and independent. In some cases, it extends to full-time help or live-in care by a specialist live-in carer.

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What types of care can TrustonTap provide?

Whether you need support by the hour, overnight or on a live-in basis, TrustonTap can provide trusted, quality carers direct to your home. Our fully-vetted, experienced local carers can provide the support and care your loved one needs, from companionship and general home help to specialist dementia care.

Personal Care

Get help with washing, dressing, hygiene, diet and physical assistance needs.

Dementia Care

Get support with daily activities and maintaining a safe home environment.

Alzheimer's Care

Access compassionate, consistent care and support.

Respite Care

Give your primary caregiver a break with specialised respite care.

End of life care

Receive emotional and palliative support to maintain comfort and manage pain.

Cancer care

Be provided with essential comfort and support to enhance your quality of living.

Companionship care

Because everyone needs a hand now and then, and a friendly face to talk to.

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The difference between home care and care homes.

Care homes (or residential care) is one option available to those needing support. One disadvantage, besides the cost and the need for relocation, is that such care providers offer little flexibility in the care they provide, due to the demands of supporting multiple residents.

Home care with TrustonTap enables people to continue living in their own homes with personalised care plans, delivered by experienced professionals, tailored to the needs of you or your loved ones. It is affordable, personalised, and – best of all – allows the recipient to maintain a greater degree of independence within their own home.

Support you can trust.

TrustonTap’s carers go through a rigorous selection process, consisting of strict vetting and multiple interviews. They have made a commitment to deliver support and service to the highest standards, and although self-employed they are expected to comply with the TrustonTap Code of Conduct.


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Advice and Support.

Whatever your situation, you’re not alone. Explore our advice and support archive for helpful insights and guidance.

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