Overnight carers

Affordable overnight at-home care and support from trusted, experienced carers.

Where do you need care?

Care and support during the night.

Need the peace of mind that comes with knowing support and companionship is on hand for you or your loved ones when night draws in, or at break of day? For some, an overnight carer can ensure their needs for security and comfort are met, whatever the hour.

A TrustonTap overnight carer can help meet a range of needs:

  • Help with the bedtime or morning routine
  • Peace of mind for the family knowing help is at hand
  • Offering assistance with personal hygiene and trips to the bathroom
  • A sense of security for those who feel uncomfortable being left alone overnight
  • Physical assistance and reassurance
  • A much-needed respite for the primary carer


Who is overnight care suitable for?

Overnight care is an ideal solution for those who want the reassurance that their needs can be met between sunset and sunrise. It also enables quality care to be provided during the hours when their primary carer is at rest or otherwise occupied.

How overnight care with TrustonTap can work for you.

Overnight care with TrustonTap is simple and affordable when compared with other care providers. Our carers offer two main types of overnight care – Sleeping Night and Waking Night. Sleeping Night care sees your carer sleep overnight while remaining on-hand to assist with occasional care during the night. A suitable bed must be available for the carer’s use. Waking Night care is more appropriate if you envisage that your carer will need to assist the care recipient several times during the course of the night.

The cost for Sleeping Night care tends to be £125 for the hours 10pm-7am with any additional hours required charged at the carer’s normal hourly rate. Waking Night care is usually £165 for the hours 10pm-7am, though this may vary according to your carer and individual circumstances. These rates are inclusive of travel to and from the care recipient’s home.

All TrustonTap carers have a minimum of one year’s care experience, are required to undertake annual refresher training, and have undergone an extensive multi-stage recruitment process with careful screening and DBS background checks.

We make connecting with the right Overnight carer simple, and we encourage clients to meet with our carers before making a booking. For more information on fees and cancellations, visit our Pricing page.

Our Terms of Use for Clients set out the terms on which we supply our services to anyone seeking carers, and can be viewed in full here.

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Getting started with your overnight home care

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