Overnight Care

Experienced care throughout the night.
overnight care

Overnight care is when a carer stays in your home overnight to maintain your daily routine.

Overnight care gives you the peace of mind that experienced carers can support your loved one throughout the night.


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overnight care

peace of mind

Overnight care gives you peace of mind

Everyone’s care needs are different, and care can be tailored to suit an individual’s specific needs from helping with medication to ensuring their security and comfort are met, whatever the hour.

Overnight care can be helpful if you’re going away for a short break, to help after time in hospital or as a one off.

With Overnight care you will not be tied into a contract.

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Overnight Care with TrustonTap

We offer two types of overnight care, depending on your condition.

Care is usually planned from 10pm to 7am but can be extended.

Sleeping Nights Your carer sleeps overnight while remaining on-hand to assist with occasional care during the night. A carer will sleep in a spare room and be on hand just in case you need them. This will give the family the peace of mind if help is needed it’s there.

Waking Nights For those with more advanced conditions, more care may be required through the night, such as advanced Dementia and end of life care. Your carer doesn’t sleep, so is on hand all night to help at any time. They can also do other domestic jobs that need to be done through the night.


We are experts in Overnight Care

We specialise in overnight care, providing experienced trusted carers to give you and your family peace of mind.

Whether it’s just a friendly chat or an immediate need you have, do call our team today.

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How to get started with Overnight Care

Let us put your mind at ease, speak to our friendly team and find out how we can help you.

Give us a call

Our friendly team are here to help and understand your care needs.

There really is no need to commit to anything, often simply understanding what options are out there is all you may want to start with.

Meet your carer

We will arrange for you to meet with the carer(s) we’ve matched you with, to ensure the match is right for you. We can then help you make a booking at a time that works best.

We pride ourselves on the care we provide and our wonderful friendly team and will regularly ask you for feedback.


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