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When it comes to finding a carer for someone close to you, you want to find a carer who genuinely cares, and loves what they do.

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What qualities should you look for in a carer?

Care can be as difficult as it is rewarding, and if a carer sees it as ‘just a job’ they’ll be likely to struggle. Unlike an agency, we focus on identifying excellent carers, making personalised matches, and enabling you to easily manage the care yourself.

At TrustonTap, all of our carers share key attributes that help them provide excellent care.



As a person ages, independence and mental capacity reduce and we can unwittingly appear patronising as we try to help them. Elderly people have a great deal of experience and often want to maintain as much of their independence as possible. A carer must understand that their client should have the ability to make decisions for themselves, such as when to get up, what to eat, and where to go.

TOT Empathy

Empathy and Patience

Ageing can be a confusing and difficult process, as everyday tasks become more challenging. A great carer will understand the emotions an elderly person may struggle with. It’s easy to become frustrated when simple tasks take so much longer. In these situations, a good carer needs to be patient to handle the situation calmly.

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You need to know that your carer will be there to ensure your loved one can eat, drink and take their medication properly every time. You want to ensure that they are there consistently to do the best job they possibly can. A reliable, respectful carer is someone you can trust.

TOT Positive

Positive energy

A cheerful disposition will go along way to make anyone's day feel brighter. Many older people can suffer from depression or anxiety, and a carer can be a much needed, positive presence in their world. It's much easier for a carer to encourage an uncooperative older person to eat and drink properly if they are cheerful and upbeat.


An elderly person’s physical or mental health can change quickly, and a good carer will pick up the signs early on. Regular visits from the same carer can identify a loss of appetite, weight loss or gain, increased confusion and irritability that are often signs of an underlying problem. A good carer should notice and act on these signs.

TOT Qualified

Experience and qualifications

We believe that experience and personality are more important than qualifications alone. Although the correct qualifications do of course have their place, especially for specialist care, hands-on experience enables our carers to offer the best possible quality of care.

trusted home carers trustontap
trusted home carers trustontap

Peace of mind, guaranteed.

At TrustonTap, we accept less than 5% of carers that apply to us. And, in addition to a thorough application process, reference and background checks, we also work with local authorities to set a quality standard for our carers that ensures they are capable and qualified to deliver excellent care to you. Carers that fulfil all the criteria of the TrustonTap quality standard are endorsed with the QPC (Qualified Professional Carer) accreditation.

What is the TrustonTap Qualified Professional Carer accreditation (QPC)?

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“There’s nothing better than bringing a smile to the face of someone who may see few people day-to-day. Being welcomed into their home is a very personal thing, and it’s my job to make them feel comfortable and relaxed so that I can leave them knowing that they are safe and well, and that I’ve made a positive effect on their day.”

Helen, TrustonTap Carer

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Person-centered care.

Our carers take a person-centred approach to care, which puts the care recipient at the centre of everything they do. Person-centred care considers the whole person, taking into account each individual’s unique qualities, abilities, interests, preferences and needs.

We recommend putting together a care plan, which can help you focus on what care you think is required, and will help your carer tailor their care to the person requiring care. All of our carers will know if a care plan has been produced and are given access to it so that they are fully informed. This is particularly important if they have to help prompt or administer medication, or if there is a DNR order in place.

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