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Care is a calling. Our TrustonTap carers are there to provide support and companionship to those who need it, with the training, experience and skills necessary to ensure a better quality of independent living.

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Why choose a TrustonTap carer?

Your choice of carer.

We believe you and your family should have a choice of the individual carer who supports you.

We also think it’s important that you have as much consistency as possible in who supports you, with the same friendly face delivering excellent care in a dependable fashion.

Affordable care.

We offer a high standard of support and care at rates you can afford, using the latest technology to remove traditional agency costs and ensure you receive a saving of roughly 30% on the cost of your home care. The result? Better paid carers, for better care.

Trusted carers.

We understand the importance of trust. As a result, we only take on individuals that we would be happy to recommend to our own relatives. As such, we insist that all TapTeam assistants deliver service and support to you of an exceedingly high standard.

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The TrustonTap Quality Care Standard.

We have worked with regional authorities to establish a quality standard to measure our carers and to ensure that they are capable and qualified to deliver excellent care to you. Carers that fulfil all the criteria of the TrustonTap quality standard are endorsed with the QPC (Qualified Professional Carer) accreditation.

What is the TrustonTap Qualified Professional Carer accreditation (QPC)?

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An emphasis on quality.

We take less than 5% of carers that apply to us. Our applicants are required to answer 180 questions, provide two references and undertake two interviews as well as a face-to-face induction. We confirm their identity and rights to work in the UK, ensure that they have enhanced DBS, and check and record their relevant training certificates. All our carers are self-employed and must be registered with HMRC.


Peace of mind, guaranteed.

All our carers must complete annual refresher training in safeguarding, manual handling and first aid. Additionally, TrustonTap has £5m public liability insurance, and almost all our carers have their own insurance. Further, to uphold the TrustonTap Quality Care Standard, we provide our carers a bespoke personal portal through which they have access to over 30 training manuals and videos to support their professional development.

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Meet Marieta

“All my life I have wanted to help and support people and I like to put other people first, before myself. I have a kind heart and consider myself responsible, tolerant, caring, honest, patient, attentive and punctual person.”


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How much does it cost to have a carer?

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What you can expect from your carer

What you can expect from your carer

TrustonTap insists that all our carers deliver service and support to you to a very high standard.

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