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5 Warning Signs that your Parent may need Care at Home

5 Warning Signs that your Parent may need Care at Home

May 05 2017

Age catches up with everyone, parents who may have seemed themselves last time you visited, may have changed considerably.  Accepting you need help and assistance is not easy for people as they age. The key is to be aware of the small signs or problems that something may be wrong, so that your family has an inkling of health decline and can properly prepare for the future.

Learning to recognise the early signs will help you evaluate your parents needs. Often parents are reluctant to ask for help as they may feel they are giving up their independence or feel guilty about being a burden on families. 

  1. Physical Changes

Has your parent had a recent fall that they struggled to recover from? Accidents do happen as we get older but often the frequency maybe increasing. Changes in appearance can be an indicator of problems. 

Give your parent a hug. It is often difficult to see some changes. Do they feel noticeably thinner or indeed bigger. Are their clothes loose? Many conditions can result in weight loss such as dementia or depresssion. Health can deteriorate quickly with poor diet. Weight gain maybe a sign of increases in snacking and neglecting to eat the right foods. Some changes maybe due to a deterioration in sight or hearing which can easily be rectified.

2. Social Exclusion

Does your parent still engage in activities and hobbies they enjoyed previously? Are they still seeing friends and neighbours? Loneliness is very harmful and can result in depression. Do they have long periods of time on their own? It maybe beneficial to go to a Local Day Centre or think about a carer at home to give them the companionship they need.

3. Lack of Home Maintenance

Does the house look neglected? A person who took pride in their home and now it's cluttered with unpaid bills and unopened mail, maybe a sign they are struggling. The kitchen is where we all spend most of our time. Is it looking dirty, have a look in the fridge. Food with expired sell by dates and lack of quality food can be a sign there is a problem. Getting help in the home can significantly improve their quality of life.

4. Forgetfulness/Anxiety

Is your parent forgetting normal day to day tasks and their medication? Are they losing things regularly and forgetting names. Are they becoming increasingly anxious about their emotional state with mood changes? These can often be signs of dementia. Speaking to your doctor about these changes and getting help at home can help the situation and make your parent feel more secure.

5.  Reduction in Mobility

 Difficulty with walking, balancing and climbing stairs all indicate your parent needs help. As we age we expect moblity to deteriorate. Often a parent can become vunerable and risk falling and mobility aids and grab rails become critical. Getting in and out of a bath may have become too difficult. Talking to your doctor and local authorities can help. Local authorities maybe able to offer financial help.

Talk to someone before things get unmangeable, look out for changes and ask friends who are nearby to monitor things more closely. 

If you have any questions about organising care for your elderly parents, TrustonTap can help. We have a specialist team who can answer your questions on any concerns you have.

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