What is a Care plan?


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A Care Plan is a key tool for people receiving care and support. It can be an invaluable document to give anyone who is caring for you or your loved one. It helps to clearly identify what care is needed and who is going to provide this care. It also helps carers understand the person they are caring for and the roles and duties they are expected to perform.

It is designed to be completed by the person needing support or their family member/representative. It should be personal to the individual and should state what type of support is required to meet their care needs.

Your local authority should be able to assist you in preparing a Care Plan as part of your Needs Assessment.

Alternatively, you may choose to fill out your own Care Plan using a simple online template. TrustonTap is not able to advise on the detailed content of the care plan or to review it but is able to provide a basic Care Plan template for you to fill in and to discuss with your carer. Alongside this, all carers should carry out their own risk assessments.

Beyond the basic details of Health, Well-being and Daily Routine, you may choose to add in more details to help your Carer or Health professional establish a better relationship and deliver a more personalised experience. Some people will choose to add in details on their loved one’s background, on key family members and friends, key birthdays and anniversaries.

Any care plan should be regularly reviewed and updated every few months or earlier if there is a significant change of needs. You can request a review at any time by speaking to Adult Social Services at your Local Authority.