Disability care

Helping disabled people live their best life
Disability care

Disability care can be suitable for someone who wants to remain in their own home but needs additional support to be able to live their best life, whether you are young or old. Our team will take the time to understand your condition, so that our disability carers are able to provide dedicated, meaningful support.

Disability care

Disability care is suitable for anyone living with a physical disability or mental impairment.

Receiving care at home allows to live your life as independently as possible, as well as being highly beneficial for both your physical and emotional wellbeing.

We all like to feel that we have control over our own lives and the choices that we make, and if that is prevented it can have a detrimental effect on our health.

One-to-one disability care from an expertly-trained carer can help you to live life on your own terms, allowing you to enjoy a number of benefits that you wouldn’t experience at, for example, a residential nursing home.

Disabled home care

What does our Disability care include?

Care can be tailored to your specific needs and change as the condition progresses:

Familiar Face

A familiar face

You will have the same carer every time as continuity is critical. Our carers will encourage you to lead an active life as possible.

Flexible visits

Flexible visits

Care can be from short regular visits to overnight care or a full-time live-in carer.


Emotional support

The lack of independence and frustration can have an effect on your mental well-being. The right carer can help restore confidence and a sense of purpose.

Tailored Support

Tailored care

Our carers can help around the home from cooking to small domestic jobs, as well as personal care such as toileting and bathing.

At TrustonTap we ensure your loved one gets all the physical and emotional support they require to continue living at home.

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