Care for vulnerable adults

Care for vulnerable adults and those with learning difficulties
Care for vulnerable adults

A vulnerable adult is someone who, due to various reasons, is at a higher risk of being harmed physically, mentally, or financially. Vulnerability can arise from factors such as age, disability, illness, or social isolation. These individuals may need extra support or assistance to ensure their safety and well-being.

Care for vulnerable adults

Vulnerable adults can include elderly individuals, people with physical or mental disabilities, individuals experiencing mental health challenges, or those who are unable to protect themselves from harm.

Someone with learning difficulties refers to an individual who has difficulties acquiring, processing, or using information effectively. Learning difficulties can vary in their severity and can impact different areas such as reading, writing or comprehension etc. These challenges may result from intellectual disabilities, specific learning disorders, or other cognitive impairments.

It’s important to note that while there can be overlap between vulnerable adults and individuals with learning difficulties, they are not the same thing.

Care for those with a learning difficulty might include the following:

  • Personal care – bathing, dressing, going to the toilet and supervision of medicine
  • Help with administering medication and managing pain, especially if a client is elderly
  • Light housework – laundry, shopping or walking the dog
  • Help with preparing your favourite meals
  • Accompanying you on trips
  • Companionship and mental support – It’s a huge comfort for clients to have a familiar, friendly face around the house who is there for a chat as well as to offer more physical support
  • Physical and mobility support – If they have restricted mobility, we are on hand to support them in day-to-day tasks and to encourage them to live as independently as possible
  • Running essential errands, for example collecting your medication or doing a food shop
  • Respite Care – You may need some extra support or a break. We can help and give you peace of mind knowing that your loved one is receiving the high quality of care that they are used to
Care for learning disabilities

What does our Vulnerable Adult care include?

Care can be tailored to your specific needs and change as the condition progresses:

Familiar Face

A familiar face

You will have the same carer every time as continuity is critical. Our carers will encourage you to lead an active life as possible.

Flexible visits

Flexible visits

Care can be from short regular visits to overnight care or a full-time live-in carer.


Help with mobility

Carers will help you with your mobility encouraging you to stay as mobile as possible, to slow down any decline.

Fall Prevention

Fall prevention and management

Your carer will ensure that your home is as safe as possible, reducing the possibility of falling.

Tailored Support

Tailored care

Our carers can help around the home from cooking to small domestic jobs, as well as personal care such as toileting and bathing.


Emotional support

The lack of independence and frustration can have an effect on your mental well-being. The right carer can help restore confidence and a sense of purpose.

At TrustonTap we ensure your loved one gets all the physical and emotional support they require to continue living at home.

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