Why TrustonTap

Why are we good at Hourly Care?

At TrustonTap we specialise in hourly care, providing you with an experienced trusted carer giving you and your family peace of mind.

Our wonderful team are here to help every step of the way to provide all the support you need.

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Understanding your care options is often the first step.

Our team is very experienced and appreciate things can change due to a fall or increased needs, we pride ourselves on being consistent and try to ensure any changes will be with the same carer.

At TrustonTap our dedicated carers build relationships with customers as well as the person being cared for. Through regular updates , by email, text or WhatsApp, we give you the peace of mind that they are safe and happy.


We understand Hourly Care

We know that things can change after a fall or return from a hospital stay and you may need more support on a regular basis.

We understand that each person’s care needs may be different and we can help provide the right care depending on individual circumstances.

From a short daily visit to a dedicated carer visiting several times a day, hourly care is a good care option for many people.

Whether it’s just a friendly chat, or an immediate need you have, call our friendly team today on 0808 278 1112

Oliver, thank you for your hard work today. You were truly amazing. Your clients are very lucky to have you. Thank you again x



How to get started with Hourly Care

It can often be difficult to acknowledge that it’s time to ask for help or support.

Whether it’s someone just to ‘drop in’ and keep you company or help you with personal care, a regular visit from an experienced carer could really improve your loved one’s quality of life.

Give us a call

Our friendly team are here to help and understand your care needs.

There really is no need to commit to anything, often simply understanding what options are out there is all you may want to start with.

Meet your carer

We will arrange for you to meet with the carer(s) we’ve matched you with, to ensure the match is right for you.

We can then help you make a booking at a time that works best.

We pride ourselves on the care we provide, and our wonderful friendly team and will regularly ask you for feedback.


What our customers say